Who’s Aaron?

By day, I’m a copywriter at global advertising agency based in Metro Detroit. Prior to dipping in the advertising world, I was a full-time journalist. I still occasionally freelance, but most of my time is spent working on my first book, “How to Live in Detroit Without Being a Jackass,” which is due on shelves in September 2015.

I started my career as a copy editor at the Lansing State Journal, where I also wrote columns on being a 20-something. I came back to my hometown of Detroit to help launch MLive Detroit, an experiment in online-only journalism in a city dominated by legacy media. After three years at MLive working as a web producer and covering education and entertainment, I embraced my lifelong love of cars working as an associate editor at WardsAuto, an industry trade.

While working at Ward’s, I was approached by Jalopnik to contribute dispatches about the Motor City. That morphed into Jalopnik Detroit, a Gawker Media subblog with original takes on the constantly changing narrative of the city. Several of my Jalopnik Detroit pieces have been cited in other media, and my essay, “We Love Detroit, Even If You Don’t,” was included in “A Detroit Anthology.” Following a layoff at Ward’s, I began freelancing for other outlets, including Reuters, Foreign Policy, The Atlantic, the Detroit Free Press, the Detroit Metro Times, BLAC Detroit, CNN, Forbes, Ebony, Next City, Bridge Michigan, The Architect’s Newspaper, Belt Magazine, and several others. I’ve also contributed essays to literary journals, including The Periphery and Transmission.

Want to chat? I’m at aaronkfoley(at)gmail(dot)com.

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