Bringing blogging back in 2012

Hi, there. Let me introduce myself.

I’m Aaron. I’ve been sharing my life online for more than a decade. (Scary thought, actually.) I’ve had accounts with BlackPlanet, AOL, Blogspot, Xanga, LiveJournal and Tumblr. It’s about time that I purchased my own corner of the Web world. So I’m here for the moment.

I’m not that interesting. But I find blogging — if that’s what we still call it in 2012 — to be soothing. Cathartic. Eye-opening. Thought-provoking. Inspiring. And fun. So it was time for a comeback.

Twitter and Facebook have dominated my online interests for a minute now, but I started to miss telling stories. As we all know, there’s only so much you can say in 140 characters or in a status update.

And on Twitter, if you go over 140 characters, you’re asked to become more clever. That demand, almost like peer pressure, turned Twitter into a clever contest. All wit, all the time. And pro tips. And you’re-doing-it-wrongs, PSAs and other reminders that if I made a mistake here, the Twitter gods would cast me into exile until I redeemed myself in the next 140.

With blogging, there were no limits. I mean, there were limits, but mistakes were allowed. And there’s no pressure to add followers. No worries if links were to be clicked. Just more freedom.

So I’m bringing blogging back. I’m paying $25 a year for this site, and I don’t like wasting money. So I am committing to this. But I’m not going to stress over who’s reading and how many people are reading. Like I said, this is my corner of the Web world.

What I’m not going to do?

-Talk about the job. If you know me, you know what I do and where I do it. I might mention some tidbits here and there, but there won’t be any office talk.

-Talk as if I’m on the job all the time. I’m a grown adult with bills in my name, so if I want to say “I ain’t” instead of “I’m not,” then that’s my grammar problem and not yours. We’re here to relax.

-Talk about you. I’m always an observer, but your secrets are safe with me. Tell me something in confidence, and it won’t end up here. I won’t comment on something you talk about on a different social platform. And on that same note, there will be no “subtweets,” cryptic posts or blind items — we’re keeping it grown over here. And also, this is a judgment-free zone. (But I will be snarky when I see fit.)

So that’s my intro for now. Let’s continue the journey and see where it goes.


One thought on “Bringing blogging back in 2012

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    Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

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