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My Month Of Freelancing — May 2014

A bit delayed, but here it is. Last month, I had a goal of three publications a month. I hit that target, so we’re still good.

The song of last month was “Cotton Candy” by The Sylvers. It plays regularly on Sirius XM49.

1. I started May with my first of (hopefully many more) columns for Bridge.

Detroit doesn’t have stop-and-frisk, the controversial New York City police policy of randomly stopping individuals to see if they’re up to no good. But if you pay attention to what’s going on with Belle Isle, it seems we’re taking at least baby steps toward it.

2. I ended May with a quick Q&A for the BNP Media-owned National Driller. (See, I can tackle all subjects!)

Hands-on experience is a necessary lesson for all disciplines, and drilling is no exception. Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, Pa., this year welcomes a drilling rig simulator to its campus that shows students of the trade how the industry works.

3. In the middle of May, I strung for the Detroit Free Press for Movement and also told you about the Black History 101 Mobile Museum partnering up with the 5E Gallery. (It was the first time I’ve done something for the Freep since I was an apprentice there in 2001.)

If a hip-hop time capsule were unearthed, its contents would surely resemble what’s on display here. “Yo! MTV Raps” trading cards. Lauryn Hill on a 1998 cover of Time, the first time the news magazine featured hip-hop. Public Enemy-branded bandanas. Movie posters from classics like “Breakin’.” A rare Notorious B.I.G. doll. How El-Hakim and 5E Gallery founder DJ Sicari Ware arrived at this point is a study in Detroit hip-hop history.


To get a full idea of just how much sound was reverberating through Movement on Saturday, you could step inside one of the three dozen or so portable toilets near the edge of Hart Plaza. There you could feel the rhythms coming from every direction. On one stage, a live local band from Detroit. On another, a DJ spinning nu-disco with French lyrics.

4. As usual, I contributed a bunch to Jalopnik, with a few standouts:

How Lowriders Helped Boys Become Men In Southwest Detroit

Every year during Cinco de Mayo, there’s a tradition where men and women gather around Impalas, Regals, Caddys and other rides for “Blessing of the Lowriders,” an only-in-Detroit event where steel, salvation and stereotype-breaking meet.

Once Again, Gawker Is Absolutely Fucking Clueless About Detroit

The thing about living in Detroit is that when something goes viral locally, you pray that if it reaches a national level it gets translated to the masses properly. And it’s a fucked-up game of Telephone that Gawker writers fail at every goddamn time.

The Difference Between Detroit And Metro Detroit: An Explainer

After the Detroit Silverdome/Pontiac Silverdome dustup between Jalopnik Detroit and Gawkerthis weekend, quite a few readers questioned why Detroiters got so offended if a city in question is technically part of the metro area. There’s a reason for that: Most cities in Metro Detroit are worlds apart.

4. The Metro Detroit explainer got me a spot on The Progrim (second time!) with Mike P. Check me out.

June is under way.