Where to find me now, 2019

Hi folks! You’ve probably stumbled upon this page looking for me through a Google search. Here’s what’s new.

In August 2019, I began a 10-month residency at Stanford University as a John S. Knight Journalism Fellow. I will be here in Palo Alto, CA, until June of 2020.

I served as the City of Detroit’s chief storyteller — the first in the country — from March 2017 until I began my Stanford fellowship. I’m still happy to talk about this experience if you ask.

Books! Yes, “How to Live in Detroit Without Being a Jackass” was first released in December 2015 (the green cover) and a second, updated edition (the white cover) in October 2018. In between those two was “The Detroit Neighborhood Guidebook” in August of 2017. Happy to talk about those as well.

Freelance projects? Thoughts on Detroit? Consulting/commentary/just want to chat? Sure, let’s talk. I can be reached at aaronkfoley(at)gmail(dot)com.

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