What Aaron writes

I like to think I’ve got a way with words. And I can tackle any subject authoritatively. Here’s a smattering of what I can do.

From state-of-the-art to state takeover: The rise and fall of Highland Park Public Schools (MLive, February 2, 2012): Ask any longtime Highland Parker how the town’s high school used to be, and they’ll tell you it was one of the best in the world. “Everybody came to Highland Park because we were the best school district.” Read more.

‘This community knows’: Killer of Detroit store owner urged to come forward (MLive, May 2, 2012): Many business owners often questioned why Fred Dally continued operating his store at the corner of West Boston and Dexter boulevards in Detroit. And he’d simply answer, “these are my people.” Read more.

Chrysler’s Decision to Ax Town & Country Minivan Reflective of CUV Dominance (WardsAuto, June 1, 2012): Ironically, the “soccer mom” tag that eventually became synonymous with the segment led to the minivan’s slide in the market, abetted by the rise of the CUV that analysts say helped drive consumers to trendier-looking vehicles. Read more.

Detroit Cliche Watchdog: Worst British travelogue ever from Daily Mail’s Peter Hitchens (MLive, July 11, 2011): We’ve got another special report on Detroit from London, that bastion of excellent journalism, ripe for your taunts and skewering. The Daily Mail sent columnist Peter Hitchens on a tour of Motown, which he says is a ghost town. It wouldn’t be the first time a British writer has described Detroit as a ghost town; a near-identical headline showed up two years ago in the Observer. Read more.

Chrysler Readies for 9-Speed Transmission With Remodeled Kokomo Plant (WardsAuto, June 8, 2012): Chrysler is taking a holistic approach to ensure the quality of its 8- and 9-speed automatic transmissions from production to delivery as it ramps up to the release of the latter next year. Read more.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. talks new album, life in the spotlight and on the road (MLive, June 7, 2011): You could say that Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.’s rise from playing around in a basement studio to music media darlings happened overnight. Then again, you can’t. Read more.

Q&A: K’Jon (SoulTrain.com, January 27, 2012): After smashing 2009 with the instant steppers’ classic “On the Ocean,” K’Jon is back with a new album Moving On in stores on April 20, 2012. “On the Ocean” is one of Billboard’s longest-running songs on the charts, clocking in 75 weeks. Can he duplicate that success? It doesn’t matter as long as the music gets out there for long-time fans, he tells Soultrain.com. Read more.

Brooke Harris, teacher fired over Trayvon Martin fundraiser, speaks out at Detroit rally (MLive, April 10, 2012): Harris says she was fired from the charter school because she questioned why her students weren’t allowed to hold a fundraiser for Trayvon Martin, who was shot and killed in Sanford, Fla., by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain. Read more.

10 underrated Whitney Houston songs you might not be that familiar with (MLive, February 13, 2012): I’ve seen the album cover of Houston apparently locking herself in a chamber of platinum records more times than I care to count, and while her “greatest hits” are her greatest chart hits, that doesn’t mean her B-sides, album cuts and other lower-charters should be ignored. Read more.


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